Our priority is security

Security with Kubik Pay & Stripe

At Kubik Pay, the security of your transactions is our priority. Using advanced technology from Stripe, a leader in payment processing, we ensure that every purchase made through our system is highly secure and protected.

Stripe Security Technology

PCI Level 1 Certification: Our payment provider has been evaluated and certified as a PCI Level 1 service provider, the most stringent level of certification in the payment industry. This certification ensures that our processes meet the highest security standards for handling credit card data.

Encryption and Tokenization: We use SSL/TLS encryption protocols to protect data during transmission. Stripe also implements tokenization, a technique that replaces sensitive payment information with unique tokens that have no value if compromised, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Stripe supports multiple forms of authentication, including SMS, TOTP, and U2F, adding additional layers of security to verify user identity and protect against unauthorized access.

Protection and Trust

32Secure Bank Data: Kubik Pay does not store or directly handle card information or bank data. All processing and storage of this data are managed by Stripe, ensuring it is maintained in a highly secure environment that undergoes regular audits by security experts

Fraud Detection: Stripe uses machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time, protecting both merchants and buyers.

Regulatory Compliance: We operate under strict data protection regulations, including compliance with the NIST cybersecurity framework and money transmitter licenses, providing an additional layer of security and trust for all our users.