Simple, like splitting a payment. Our API is for everyone.

Easy integration

Simple integration with just 3 endpoints.

The process starts at checkout where the e-commerce initiates the Kubik Pay transaction. We send the purchase data until the integration with our update webhooks, where the Kubik Pay integrating platform can listen to transaction updates made by different members involved in the payment.

Integration Support

Kubik provides a dedicated team to facilitate the integration and launch of Kubik Pay on your site. To resolve questions and issues during the integration process, Kubik will enable a direct and efficient communication channel so both teams can interact effectively.

Based on the Open API specification

The Kubik Pay API is fully documented on the developer portal, offering a clear and concise definition of our services, their properties, and tools to quickly test functionality.

A sandbox environment is available to developers, substantially simplifying the integration with Kubik Pay.