The story behind the logo

It started many years ago with a group of friends—experts in marketing, AI, product development, and law—who decided to create something that didn't exist: a tool for group payments. That's how was born, an application available on the App Store and Google Play, where a group of people can buy a gift or make a joint plan without anyone having to advance the money. It seems simple, but the ability to split payments didn't exist until this group of friends decided to create it

Kubik Pay is the result of a true obsession with group payments and the collaborative economy.

Jonas da Cruz


Jota Aronak


Diego Romera


Aina Gallardo


Javier Orovio

Tech leader

David Gonzalez


After analyzing the market and facing it head-on, they discovered a lot about group payments but, more importantly, identified a problem affecting many companies. How many times have you had to advance money for a group trip to buy plane tickets together? How many times have you decided against renting a rural house because you didn't want to advance the money or didn't have confirmation from the rest? How many times have you been chasing down money for a group purchase, like a gift for a coworker? This problem affects large companies like airlines, tour operators of all kinds, but also the hospitality, restaurant, vacation rental, and entertainment sectors.

With solid learning and after making several mistakes, they decided to develop a simple and intuitive API so that this payment splitting system, already validated with the app, could be applied to any business that needed it.

Who are they?

Obsessive about their work, passionate about payments, technology, and the future. But, above all, they are the ones who can help take your business to the next level.

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