Incomplete Payment Management

When the payment is not 100% complete, Kubik Pay does not charge. This ensures that only fully completed purchases are processed, guaranteeing satisfaction for both the customer and the merchant.

Time to Complete Group Payments

The time available for users to collect payments from the rest of their group can be tailored to the needs of each e-commerce and product. For example, booking a hotel room within 24 hours is different from a gift card that is out of stock. We recommend a 24-hour period, as group payments require coordinating several people, which can take time.

Reducing Reservation Times

The Kubik Pay button not only initiates the purchase but also informs the customer about the features of a group purchase. This alerts them to communicate with the rest of the group and start the process only when everyone is notified and ready, thereby reducing reservation times.

Payment Terms to Partner


If the transaction is successful, it is completed within seven business days. After several months of integration with Kubik Pay, we can offer direct and immediate transfer at the time of purchase, connecting the Partner's bank account with Kubik Pay.

Management of Deposits, Warranties, and Liability for Damages

The management of deposits and warranties is conducted in the usual manner. Even though payments are made by a group, the buyer remains a single entity. The e-commerce obtains the data of the buyer or buyers, and the purchase process is carried out normally. For the e-commerce, the fact that the payment is made by multiple people is invisible.

Start of Integration

To begin the integration, it is necessary to evaluate various technical and business aspects to determine if it is beneficial for both you and us. Kubik Pay will only be available to e-commerce platforms that truly need it and can benefit from this split payment solution.

Duration of Integration

The integration is simple, but a technical meeting is necessary first to provide an accurate time estimate. You will have the full support of our team throughout the process.

Return Management

Kubik Pay manages returns so that each participant in the purchase receives their corresponding part. However, we do not cover return costs once the purchase has been correctly completed.

Integration Costs

Currently, Kubik Pay has no integration or fixed costs. We charge a commission on sales that varies based on the volume of sales and the characteristics of each company, ranging between 2% and 5%. To estimate the exact commission, we need to know the average individual ticket of each company.